SS PROJECT SS Location: BIH Status:  Year: 2023 OTHER PROJECTS


MM PROJECT MM Location: BIH Status:  Year: 2023 OTHER PROJECTS

VDV Building

VDV Zgrada The housing units were grouped in a regular and somewhat rigid, dark-colored building body to make the apartments more useful. Designed spaces were exploited to the fullest extent.  We reduced the stiffness of the building with its white spherical form, which appears to embrace it, achieving the dynamics and recognizable appearance of the […]

PHL House

PHL House PHL House is one of our favorite smaller projects, whose architecture is oriented on the main living area with a view of the river. The object’s shape is not static, yet it resembles natural movement with its organic and geometric shapes. As a result, it gives the impression of a smooth and pleasant […]

MED City

MED City MED city is a complex of a hospital, congress center, and hotel buildings which gives a special and recognizable appearance with its unusual shape. The main challenge of this project is the fact that the main road cuts through the surface, which we consider also an advantage as well because the unique shape will be […]

GT House 

GT HOUSE An existing stone house was upgraded and renovated to create the GT House project. The architecture we create embodies the current, contemporary era with a touch of tradition. The tradition was achieved by maintaining the dimensions of the existing building while also preserving each stone in its place. The house is now in […]


AC PROJECT AC Location: BiH Status:  Year: 2022 OTHER PROJECTS


GE+OR HOUSE This is one of the more intriguing projects, made up of a variety of geometric and organic shapes and constructed from standard building materials like brick, concrete, and wood. The project is customized to fit into its surroundings. Our goal is to develop and automate homes, and implementing the Hiding Technology system adds […]