VIP Lounge

VIP Lounge Project VIP Lounge radiates elegance and incorporates the best materials, including wood, stone, metal, and ceramics. The idea was to design a distinctive, recognizable setting that combines comfort with mystery, elegance, and luxury. This room’s primary material is wood because it creates a cozy feeling. Since the Neolithic era, brass has been used as […]

Villa M

Villa M Baška Voda, a town on the Adriatic coast at the base of the Biokovo mountain, served as inspiration for the building’s architecture and interior design. Stone, wood, and terrazzo were used as the building’s primary building materials because of the environment itself, which gives the structure’s elements a contemporary feel. The building itself […]


Taboo The design was developed for the internal “terrace” of the bar and restaurant. The idea is to create a “tangible” interior that symbolizes luxury while also providing comfort and creating a desire to return to that place. The interior is filled with fluid forms, indicating dynamic motion and movement, which contributes to the space’s […]


Sumit Because the interior was designed for the University of Mostar, a space populated primarily by young people, bright colors were used to give life and energy to the space. The goal was to create an efficient, intriguing, and distinctive space that will resonate with everyone who visits. The interior derives its unique, recognizable identity […]

DH Apartment

DH Apartment DH Apartment exudes uniqueness and inventiveness with a dash of elegance. This interior space is used efficiently and is embellished with unique aesthetic touches and ornaments. A range of elements, such as marble, wood, ceramics, stone, etc., were put together in order to create a cohesive harmony in the space. Gray can appear cold […]

BM Apartments

BM Apartments In the BM Apartments, we have developed a modern aesthetic with sharp, straightforward forms and lines. Each apartment has its own identity and recognizable character yet they are all connected by a modern style that repeats itself through minor details. The BM Apartments are created to be both functional and comfortable. Location: Croatia […]

VDV Building

VDV Zgrada The housing units were grouped in a regular and somewhat rigid, dark-colored building body to make the apartments more useful. Designed spaces were exploited to the fullest extent.  We reduced the stiffness of the building with its white spherical form, which appears to embrace it, achieving the dynamics and recognizable appearance of the […]

PHL House

PHL House PHL House is one of our favorite smaller projects, whose architecture is oriented on the main living area with a view of the river. The object’s shape is not static, yet it resembles natural movement with its organic and geometric shapes. As a result, it gives the impression of a smooth and pleasant […]


GE+OR HOUSE This is one of the more intriguing projects, made up of a variety of geometric and organic shapes and constructed from standard building materials like brick, concrete, and wood. The project is customized to fit into its surroundings. Our goal is to develop and automate homes, and implementing the Hiding Technology system adds […]