MP Apartment

MP Apartment When creating the interior of Apartment MP, the goal was to create a cozy family home with traditional elements. This interior design has a timeless style that creates a sense of harmony, minimalism, and playfulness through the circular shapes that emerge in the furniture such as the table, lighting, and the rounded edges […]

A Apartment

A Apartment We chose beige colors to create this concept, accentuating the textures on marble and parquet flooring. We focused on delivering a suitable and practical space arrangement in the concept to create an interior for modern urban housing, whose homeowners value simplicity and comfort. The sense of openness is created by blending black colors […]

MED City

MED City MED city is a complex of a hospital, congress center, and hotel buildings which gives a special and recognizable appearance with its unusual shape. The main challenge of this project is the fact that the main road cuts through the surface, which we consider also an advantage as well because the unique shape will be […]

GT House 

GT HOUSE An existing stone house was upgraded and renovated to create the GT House project. The architecture we create embodies the current, contemporary era with a touch of tradition. The tradition was achieved by maintaining the dimensions of the existing building while also preserving each stone in its place. The house is now in […]


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