DH Apartment

DH Apartment exudes uniqueness and inventiveness with a dash of elegance. This interior space is used efficiently and is embellished with unique aesthetic touches and ornaments. A range of elements, such as marble, wood, ceramics, stone, etc., were put together in order to create a cohesive harmony in the space. Gray can appear cold and clinical at times, while beige has a softer warmth to it. Since beige is sophisticated and classic and offers the ideal neutral background that merges with almost any tone in the color spectrum, these two colors make a winning pair for this design.

Location: BiH

Status: Completed

Year: 2021


Fra Didaka Buntića 96 | Široki Brijeg, 88220

Preradovićeva ulica 12 | Zagreb, 10000

Kneginje Ljubice bb, Stari Grad | Beograd, 11111


info@tridda.com      +387 39 852 944