An existing stone house was upgraded and renovated to create the GT House project. The architecture we create embodies the current, contemporary era with a touch of tradition. The tradition was achieved by maintaining the dimensions of the existing building while also preserving each stone in its place. The house is now in the open as a result of the roof getting removed due to decay.

This place includes a small living room, a kitchen with a dining area, a patio with a fireplace for socializing, a basement floor for storage and accommodations for pool equipment, two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a small library. All of that is located in the main, existing building, which carries in itself the traditional spirit.

On the opposite of this house, a new project using materials and a structure more suitable for the modern days is being built, and with that, we want to leave a modern mark in the space.

Location: BiH

Status: In construction

Year: 2022


Fra Didaka Buntića 96 | Široki Brijeg, 88220

Preradovićeva ulica 12 | Zagreb, 10000

Kneginje Ljubice bb, Stari Grad | Beograd, 11111      +387 39 852 944