MED City

MED city is a complex of a hospital, congress center, and hotel buildings which gives a special and recognizable appearance with its unusual shape. The main challenge of this project is the fact that the main road cuts through the surface, which we consider also an advantage as well because the unique shape will be recognizable and make it even more interesting to pass through. The building has an organic, fluid shape that blends in with the surroundings, which is appropriate given that it is near a river.

Location: BiH

Status: In construction

Year: 2021/2022


Fra Didaka Buntića 96 | Široki Brijeg, 88220

Preradovićeva ulica 12 | Zagreb, 10000

Kneginje Ljubice bb, Stari Grad | Beograd, 11111      +387 39 852 944