Villa M

Baška Voda, a town on the Adriatic coast at the base of the Biokovo mountain, served as inspiration for the building’s architecture and interior design. Stone, wood, and terrazzo were used as the building’s primary building materials because of the environment itself, which gives the structure’s elements a contemporary feel. The building itself is modest, but the irregular natural shapes that give this place its dynamic quality and a further sense of being by the sea give comfort to the space itself. The interior itself exudes elegance and comfort with its use of colors, shapes, and golden touches.

Location: BiH

Status: In construction

Year: 2021


Fra Didaka Buntića 96 | Široki Brijeg, 88220

Preradovićeva ulica 12 | Zagreb, 10000

Kneginje Ljubice bb, Stari Grad | Beograd, 11111      +387 39 852 944